EVOLVE is a leading provider of boutique training and coaching services to organizations, companies and start-ups operating in the global arena. 
The company was established, in 2008, to assist you in promoting the goals and aspirations of your organization in the global marketplace. At EVOLVE we believe your company deserves a spot on the global stage. 
We put your company in the position to initiate, develop, and sustain strong global business relationships with customers, vendors and colleagues by improving your ability to communicate, correspond and conduct yourselves successfully in the global arena.


At EVOLVE we work on the foundations of a customer-centric preparation and delivery methodology - for us, every client is unique. 
Our close customer relationships enable us to intimately understand your industry, company culture, global activities and market.
We mix and match our know-how & conceptual process with strong awareness of your needs, to build the most effective training for your company.
We skillfully guide you in upgrading from local to global by providing coaching and training, supported by our ongoing services - all incorporating and customized to your company’s work product.

To achieve an outstanding level of quality and service we work as a small team of hand selected and trained professionals aimed at providing personal, boutique services.
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Founder & Head Trainer

With over 15 years’ experience successfully training hi-tech teams, Jo-anne brings an expertise rare to find. 
Jo-anne’s content creation and training methodology draw on a wealth of experience, deep knowledge of language & communication skills, supported by a love of curious minds and intelligent thought processing.


Star Trainer

Matthew’s background in the Prime Minister’s Office and as a successful global entrepreneur, put him in the key position of experiencing a variety of scenarios where communication skills are crucial to developing fruitful relationships and successful partnerships.

Matthew's experience and charisma, combined with Jo-anne’s training methodology are a winning combination!


Star 1:1 Trainer

Emma’s experience in hi-tech and startups, combined with her deep knowledge of language & communication skills create significant value for learners. 

Emma’s wonderfully warm personality builds trust & strong relationships – key to successful 1:1 training!


Content Contributor & Adviser

Natalie’s 10+ years’ experience in global HR roles, including Global HR at KIT Digital (500+ employees in 22 global locations), enable her to share a wealth of insight into global team challenges, needs, solutions and trends.
This insight makes her an invaluable Content Contributor & Adviser to our training approach and content.