EVOLVE is a leading provider of boutique training and coaching services to organizations, companies and start-ups operating in the global arena. 
The company was established, in 2008, to assist you in promoting the goals and aspirations of your organization in the global marketplace. At EVOLVE we believe your company deserves a spot on the global stage. 
We put your company in the position to initiate, develop, and sustain strong global business relationships with customers, vendors and colleagues by improving your ability to communicate, correspond and conduct yourselves successfully in the global arena.


Want to showcase the amazing work your teams are doing?
Looking to retain and attract top talent?


Empower your R&D teams to create well structured, authentic, engaging content. EVOLVE’s Technical Blog Writing Workshops have produced numerous posts published on many platforms, and enabled the creation of engineering blogs

"Evolve's Tech Blog Writing Workshops are interesting, hands-on and provide our engineers with the skills and confidence to write for our blog continuously. Highly Recommended!" 
Miri Bar Nathan, Employer Branding & Marketing Manager, Taboola




Enable technical content contributors to define clear outlines of content standards and create well structured, engaging, relatable and shareable content.

Highly practical, results-oriented workshop, customizable to suit your teams’ focus or tone.

Assignment oriented, to push participants to invest and deliver – course end goal: 
Each participant to produce a ready-for-submission blog post!

  • Introduction to the Trifecta mindset of maximizing engagement

  • Tailoring your approach to objectives/audiences

  • Outlining and structuring your blog

  • Tips & tools to clarify, simplify and build content with intention

  • Wrapping-up and promoting the post



Shifting gears to prolific tech blogging! 

Master the art of prolific blog post writing – generate short posts in a short time

Focus on generating multiple ideas with ease and using a swifter, leaner process

Build and showcase your own brand – gain credibility and become an expert and influencer

  • Tips and tools to generate prolific content and ideas

  • Tips and tools to build and showcase your unique brand

  • Fine tuning and using an effective and disciplined process