EVOLVE is a leading provider of boutique training and coaching services to organizations, companies and start-ups operating in the global arena. 
The company was established, in 2008, to assist you in promoting the goals and aspirations of your organization in the global marketplace. At EVOLVE we believe your company deserves a spot on the global stage. 
We put your company in the position to initiate, develop, and sustain strong global business relationships with customers, vendors and colleagues by improving your ability to communicate, correspond and conduct yourselves successfully in the global arena.





Jo-anne at EVOLVE has been wonderful to work with. She's practical and smart and understood what we wanted her help with. She was able to connect with each person she worked with in a way that proved successful for that individual. I appreciate the way she helped support our teams’ communication and thought leadership skills and confidence.
On a personal level she's been a treat to work with - pleasant, timely, accurate and honest.



Data Scientist at YOTPO

I recently attended the EVOLVE Technical Blog Writing Workshop at Yotpo.
I've never written a blog before and was a bit skeptical as to the possibility I'll be able to get a decent blog within 4 weeks.
It turns out I was completely wrong! I gained insight as to what a writing process should look like. Jo-anne broke this potentially painful process in to small manageable tasks, gave us a bunch of tips, tricks and examples of do/don't for blog writing in general, and for technical blogs in particular, and reviewed each task with us to make sure we didn't get lost on the way.
At the end of the workshop, I actually had a written blog I was proud of!
I highly recommend this workshop for any (aspiring) tech writer, or any tech company looking to develop its employees and help them grow professionally :)



Algorithm Engineer at TABOOLA

I had the pleasure of attending both the Technical Blog Writing Workshop and the Advanced Blogging Workshop Jo-anne gave at Taboola.
I used to blog before the workshops. However, since I learned what a good writing process is all about and learned some tips and tricks, my writing has changed and my posts are better.
One of the strengths of the workshops were that they were adjusted to the audience: we learned about many relevant examples from similar industries to ours.
Highly recommended :)



VP IL Site Manager at IMPERVA

“The fact that EVOLVE is the only communications and thought leadership trainer Imperva has worked with for over 10 years, attests to our high satisfaction. All Imperva students have expressed great satisfaction and testified that working with EVOLVE has brought them significant improvement. 
Beyond professionalism and experience, is a pleasant atmosphere and high spirits.”



HR Manager at AKAMAI

“Jo-anne at Evolve has lead a Communications Training evolution at Akamai – focusing not only on language skills but also understanding and adjusting to our global colleagues, clients and general audience in a variety of scenarios.
Group courses in various departments and individual courses across the board have shown significant results and received excellent feedback. Highly recommended!”




Recently I had an opportunity to join a Communications Training course at GM. I was a bit skeptical at first, but it took one lesson for me to realize that this was something special and not just another English course.
I learned new things from day one and can honestly say my communication is now better than ever.
Jo-anne adjusts the level of the training based on the real needs of her students in real-time. When we write or talk in English, the way we phrase ourselves has nuances. She will work with you on things like grammar, but also provide you with practical tools that will help you deliver the right message to the person you communicate with. This is her magic and I'm lucky that I got to participate in her class.