Employees often face challenges when trying to communicate their expertise globally, leading
to a deterioration in critical contexts, such as meetings, presentations and client interactions. 
Our Communication Training Workshops create personalized courses for R&D, Product, Sales, Support, HR, Finance, and more…



Master polite yet effective written correspondence

Upgrade participants to the global business standard of written correspondence  Achieved by reviewing a variety of aspects of appropriate global business correspondence techniques and skills, while intensively focusing on practice and feedback

Delivered in a combination of one interactive lecture session balanced by one session on workproduct-based examples and in-depth constructive feedback


Focus on:

  • using appropriate levels of formality & directness

  • maximizing a diplomatic & collaborative tone to build relationships

  • enriching vocabulary and phrasing to express your points better



Build and deliver focused & effective presentations for a global audience

Upgrade participants to the global business standard of presentations

Master the necessary techniques & skills to deliver focused and effective presentations

Valuable skills for formal presentations setting as well as sharing your message & value in less formal settings

Delivered in a combination of short interactive lectures balanced by workproduct-based participant presentations and in-depth constructive feedback


Focus on: 

  • 8 steps to creating audience-oriented presentations

  • training on presentation layout & structure  mastering the power of delivery

  • enriching presentation language

  • leading Q&A and maintaining credibility